Denise Coursey is President at the Advisor, a position she has held since May 2015. Previously, Denise served as Chief Systems Officer at Motley Fool, LLC, where she focused on building high-performing and sustainable teams, processes, and systems across the business. While in that role, Denise also led the steering committee for Motley Fool Wealth Management, a cross-functional team that was tasked with assessing the compliance and operational risks of this fledging division, and setting it up to be a scalable, high-potential business.

Denise has served in many different leadership roles since joining Motley Fool Holdings in 2006, She led the technology project management team, where she focused on finding or building scalable, creative solutions. She was instrumental in the build out of the Fool’s custom content management system, which allowed the business to scale to thousands of articles and open its publishing doors to a network of bloggers. She also encouraged the use of third-party solutions and freelance developers for non-critical functions, allowing in-house developers to focus on the company’s highest-value, innovative projects. Denise also served as managing editor for premium services, where she introduced the concepts of Agile and Kanban to streamline operations, reduce cycle time, and focus efforts on highest priority work.

Before she became a full-time Fool, Denise led the outreach and communications team for the Baldrige National Quality Program (a division of the National Institute of Standards and Technology), which promotes and rewards best practices in business, health care, and education. In addition to serving as chair of BNQP’s annual and regional conferences, Denise developed and delivered workshops and training for executives looking to implement Baldrige best practices in their organizations.

Denise started her career in book publishing, as a senior editor and writer for a number of publishing houses, and as a travel writer for Frommer’s, where she wrote about the Mid-Atlantic region where she grew up. Denise has a bachelor’s degree in English and an MBA with a marketing concentration from Mount St. Mary’s University.

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